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$2,550 towards $5,000

Why should you help me raise $5,000 for MENTOR Rhode Island?

The honest answer is that your hard-earned money would be going towards the most worthwhile cause – changing the lives of students.

I joined MENTOR Rhode Island over a year ago. After interviewing the Executive Director for a story for the Warwick Beacon, I was so inspired by the cause and the overall energy of the organization, I immediately asked to be signed up.

I have mentored at the elementary level at Warwick Public Schools for a year now, and this experience has filled my heart with nothing but happiness and gratitude.

There is no satisfactory way to convey how it feels when your mentee, who barely spoke a word when you first met, lights up when you walk in the room and runs to you with arms wide open for a hug. I think I'm still recovering emotionally from the first time that happened.

One hour of mentoring time once a week may not seem like enough time to make any kind of difference, but it is one hour that a child can look forward to. One hour where they are reminded that who they are is good enough. One hour where they can talk about what's bothering them without fear of judgment. One hour where they can be free to just play a silly game without any concerns or fear.

Those "small" hours add up to a lifetime of differences. The results can be seen in kids who have maintained contact with their mentors well into their adult years. They say their mentor gave them confidence they never would have found otherwise, that they steered them away from darker paths.

These results happen because of your support. I am asking you to support my mission, and MENTOR RI's mission, to make that difference for kids all across the state who truly need the help, and will go on to do spectacular things if we provide that help.

There are multiple ways to help. Whether you donate with money or donate by purchasing tickets to see me try and dance (guaranteed to make you laugh). Donate to show that even though MENTOR RI has lost its funding in Warwick, it still has people like you that believe in their cause. Donate because of the mentor that made a difference in your life. Donate because it WILL make a difference.

In whatever way you help, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.